01495-722567 Deighton Primary School

Deighton Dates Autumn 2016

16/9/16-Deighton’s Roald Dahl Day-dressing up optional.

21/09/16 at 3.15 p.m. Hilston Park Presentation-Y6 families in main hall.

5/10/16-Whole School Harvest Celebration at St George’s Church-all welcome. 2-3p.m.

12/10/16-Mrs. Kaya’s Y6 Class Assembly. 2.40 p.m.

17th, 18th, 19th October, 2016-Parents’ Evenings, 3.15-5.30 p.m.

Friday 21/10/16 3.05 p.m.-half term

Monday 31/10/16-8.50 a.m. return from half term.

9/10/16– 2.40 p.m. Y4/5 Class Assembly-Mrs Middle’s children.

13/11/16-11a.m. Remembrance Sunday wreath laying at Bedwellty House.

14th-18th November 2016-Anti-Bullying Week on the “Power for Good” theme.

30/11/16-2.40 p.m. Ms. Thayer’s Class Assembly.

7/12/16 9a.m.—12 p.m. Panto’ at Blackwood.

8/12/16 12 p.m.—1.10p.m. Christmas Dinner.

12/12/16-2-3p.m. Christmas Carol Service at St George’s Church-all welcome.

13/12/16-  9.30-10.15 a.m. Nursery Nativity.

13/12/16- 2-3 p.m. Reception/Y1/Y2 Nativity.

14/12/16– 2-3 p.m.-Junior Christmas Concert.

15/12/16 - 6-7p.m. Junior Concert.

16/12/16—3.05 p.m. break for Christmas.

16/12/16– 3.05 p.m. break for Christmas.

Deighton Dates Spring-2017

Thursday 5/01/17 - 8.50 a.m. children return to school after Christmas break.

18/01/17– 2.40 p.m. Y3 Class assembly-Mrs. Witcombe & Mrs. Agnew.

6th-10th February, 2017– E-Safety Week.

15/02/17-2.40 p.m. Y2 Class Assembly– Mrs. Wangiel

Friday 17/02/17 – 3.05 p.m. Half Term Begins.

Monday 27/02/17 - 8.50 a.m. Return from half term.

27/02/17– 3/03/17—Welsh Week.

3/03/17—Whole School Eisteddfod.  Dress in Welsh costumes (optional).

6th—10th March 2017—Open Days. Join your child for a session learning alongside them in their class.

15/03/17—2.40 p.m. Y1/Reception Class Assembly-Mrs. Greenslade.

3rd-7th April 2017-Y6 at Hilston Park.

7/04/17-3.05 p.m. School breaks up for Easter.

Deighton Dates-Summer 2017

Monday 24/04/17– 8.50 a.m. –return to school for Summer Term 2017.

Monday 1/05/17-no school-bank holiday.

3rd-10th May 2017-National Tests.

4/05/17-Local Election on Deighton site BUT school will be still be open.

22/05/17-Infant Sports Day.

23/05/17– Reserve Infant Sports Day.

24/05/17-Junior Sports Day.

Thursday 25/05/17-Reserve Junior Sports Day. At 3.05 p.m. we break for half term.  

Friday 26/05/17– school closed for INSET.

Monday 5/06/17– 8.50 a.m. return to school from half term.

20th & 21st June, 2017-Parents’ Evening.7/07/17-School Trips-venues TBA.

10th - 14th July, 2017-Transition Week at Comp’ for Y6 (TBC).

18/07/17-Y6 Leaver’s Assembly 2-3p.m.

Friday  21/7/17 last day of term.